How your CSR strategy can engage your customers

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a cornerstone of business strategy. The Global Fortune 500 companies alone spend nearly $20 billion each year on CSR activities. And with good reason. Effective social responsibility strategies have a serious impact on businesses’ bottom lines. CSR increases investor appeal, improves employee satisfaction, and boosts revenue. In fact, companies […]

Corporate philanthropy: critical support for non-profits in 2023

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Businesses across the country are recognising their responsibility and role in supporting communities through non-profits. Our recent survey of UK ESG leaders revealed that 89% of businesses are actively giving to non-profits.  These leaders know that non-profit giving is an important tactic in successful CSR and marketing strategies. They invest great efforts crafting clever campaigns […]

6 ways businesses can find funds to support non-profits

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We’ve talked a lot about why and how businesses support non-profits in their local communities. Besides it simply being the right thing to do, businesses get many mutual benefits. Backing the work of community groups:  Enhances brand reputation, both with local community members and stakeholders at large Increases employee engagement, satisfaction & retention Makes it […]

How non-profit giving fits into the world of ESG

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ESG is all about the actions companies take to have a positive influence in the world. ESG covers three main factors that companies can work on — Environmental, Social, and Governance. Covering every element of ESG is a tall order. And a lot of work goes into designing ESG programs that will create real, meaningful […]

How to Engage Community Stakeholders – your checklist

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There’s been a major business shift in recent years. Hallelujah! Leading companies are recognising the importance of all stakeholders – not just shareholders but workers, customers, suppliers and local communities. When businesses engage with each of these groups they reap the rewards.    We work with businesses that want to engage with local communities. These businesses […]

How Companies Can Walk Their Talk on Purpose

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Purpose is at the top of every smart CEO’s mind. 79% of business leaders believe purpose is key to business success (according to this PwC survey). And more business leaders than ever are approaching ActionFunder for support in putting their purpose into practice. Business leaders are refocusing to make purpose central to their strategies. Some are […]

Businesses backing communities: Lunch & Learn

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Come together with the professional driving positive change through business and find out how to make a positive impact, locally. Businesses are under pressure to improve their impact in meaningful and engaging ways. Meanwhile, local non-profits need support to enact real change. So, ActionFunder makes it easy for businesses to fund local non-profits across the […]