Building bridges with ActionFunder

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The pandemic revealed both a) the vital role of community and b) the expectation on business to be a force for good. These two come together when businesses can connect with communities and support them to make positive waves, locally. All over the UK, community groups urgently need help to tackle serious local problems. Meanwhile, […]

What’s in a name? 

We’re ActionFunder, the BCorp with 15+ years of experience driving grassroots action by connecting businesses with local communities. We started out as Project Dirt way back in 2005. Then we became Semble. And now we’re ActionFunder. Why all the new names? When we started as Project Dirt, we focused on grassroots, environmental action. When we […]

Guide to impact reporting

Measuring and reporting your impact is a key step in the funding process. It is important for funders to understand exactly how their money has been spent and the incredible impact you have made. It is also important in helping build long term relationships between funders and community groups, meaning that you can spend less […]

The power of learning: 5 community groups educating outside the classroom

Each year on 24th January the world celebrates the power of learning on the International Day of Education. Although we typically think of classrooms full of children when we think of  education, actually, we know how much meaningful learning happens outside of the classroom and in the community. Without inclusive and equitable quality education and […]