Sustainable funding: 4 main funding streams for charities and community groups

In a recent series of ActionFunder workshops, Corinna Hartwig (aka The Funding Dr) took us through where to access funding, addressing each key pillar in turn. While Grant funding (pillar two) is a great way to generate income for individual projects, it’s important that your organisation’s funding strategy includes a mix of pillars. These might […]

10 tips for funding success

We’ve seen hundreds of funding applications. And we’ve spoken to hundreds of people trying to find funding for their charitable projects. These 10 top tips are the result of everything we’ve learnt. Keep them in mind when you’re trying to get funding on ActionFunder, or anywhere else! Don’t forget that applying for funding on ActionFunder […]

How to budget for success

In a recent workshop, Corinna Hartwig (aka The Funding Dr) explained how to build a funding strategy that sets you up to economise and budget for success. Watch the workshop recording and have a look at the slides from the session to get to know your capital costs from your revenue costs and come away […]