Community events – Spring 2022

Spring is settling in across the UK and bringing along plenty of community events for non profits and individuals to join!

The Month of Community kicking off in June is a perfect occasion to celebrate volunteers, raise awareness about a cause or just gather with your neighbours and appreciate the sense of belonging to a community. Below you’ll find some of the events to join this Spring. Click on each image to find out more:


1-7 June

A time to recognise and celebrate the contributions of millions of volunteers across the UK.




2- 5 June

The Big Lunch is happening this year during the Queen’s Jubilee! Gather your community by organising a get together, with food, neighbours and smiles! From intimate gatherings to bigger street parties, there’s a spot for everyone.



17 – 26 June 

Celebrating the diversity and contributions brought in by refugees in Scotland. The event will shine a light on the richness of all communities.



24 – 26 June

Led by the Jo Cox Foundation, the Great Get Together invites people to celebrate the things they have in common rather than what separates us.  Register your event on their platform!




For more events to join to celebrate your community, head over to Eden project’s Month of Community. If you’re running an event that you need funding for, sign up to ActionFunder