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Your Frequently Asked Questions

General ActionFunder FAQs

How is ActionFunder funded?

ActionFunder is a proud B-Corp and social enterprise. We charge our Funder clients a platform fee (of 5%) on all funds sent through the platform, to cover our costs of maintaining and developing our platform.
We also offer clients a range of value-add services to maximise the impact of their funds and campaigns

What is ActionFunder?

ActionFunder is the digital platform that brings responsible businesses together with non-profits to make change happen. There are many under-the-radar community groups that desperately need funds to survive and thrive, but often have to spend a lot of time applying to grant funds. There are also many businesses that want to give back to the community, but don’t know where to start. ActionFunder allows groups to create a single project pitch that funders will be able to view, shortlist and invite to be funded.

How can I get the latest news from the ActionFunder team?

We send out regular updates, event invitations and interesting stories. You’ll be given the opportunity to subscribe to these at sign up. If you missed out on the opportunity to subscribe and want to receive our updates simply let us know at

What do you mean by “group” and “project”?

At ActionFunder, we use “group” to refer to community organisations (charity, CIC, social enterprise, etc.).

We use “project” to refer to the specific goals/missions the community groups are trying to achieve.

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