Guide to Video Pitching

Video pitches are great! They allow you to connect straight to the funder and better express your passion & creativity.
For funders they are more engaging, memorable, authentic and trustworthy. Here’s how to do them right.

Preparation is important to nailing your pitch

➜ Time is the main challenge – you will be asked 3 questions and only have 30 seconds for each, 90 seconds in total.
➜ Take time to plan and write down your answers.
➜ Time is tight so get straight to the point and remember to answer the questions.
➜ Turn your notes into a script to help you to stay on point.
➜ Practice your script to make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Getting ready to film

➜ Make sure you’re set up comfortably with your script and a glass of water to hand.
➜ Make sure we can see and hear you properly.
➜ The camera should be in landscape and you should be in plenty of light.
➜ Minimise any background noise.
➜ If you’re recording on a phone have it at arm’s length or closer for optimal sound quality.
➜ Make sure the lens on the camera you’re using is clean – a smudge could spoil the quality.

A few last tips before you get going

➜ Try not to rush, even though time is tight you want to make sure Funders can hear you clearly
➜ Get creative and have some fun with it – you could try involving your team or beneficiaries
➜ Do a few takes – there’s a reason for the saying “Third time lucky!”. So, if you mess up, simply start again
➜ Remember that potential funders will see this video, so you’ll want to impress them!
➜ Enjoy yourself. Your video pitch is an important thing to get right but it’s also a fun way to share your passion and excitement for the project you want to get funded.

Once you’ve nailed your pitch, it’s time to upload it to ActionFunder, via YouTube

➜ First go to
➜ Sign in, or create an account if you don’t have one already.
➜ Click the ‘create’ button in the top right corner (the icon looks like a film camera) and select ‘upload video’.
➜ Follow the instructions on screen to upload your pitch.
➜ Fill in all the details, making sure that ‘Allow embedding’ is ticked.
➜ Mark your video as ‘unlisted’ and click ‘save’ to publish.
➜ Copy the video link and paste it into ActionFunder.

Ready to jump in? Sign up and create your free account on ActionFunder