A step by step guide to getting funded

ActionFunder takes the tedious and time-consuming parts of grant applications and does it for you in a simple, transparent and efficient way. This frees you up to concentrate on the important stuff – identifying the solution & delivering the action.

Register your organisation

By signing up and creating a profile. It’s 100% free.

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ActionFunder matches your organisation with grant funding opportunities on our platform!

You’ll get notified by email when you get a new match.


So you’ve matched with a fund. Now apply by uploading a project.

Showcase what your organisation can do for your community in writing or video.

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You’ll be notified when you’re offered funding.

Accept the funding invitation and your grant will be sent over before you know it! If you’re unsuccessful, your project will remain live and auto-apply to future funds.

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Report your progress and final impact on your ActionFunder dashboard.

Keep your Funders in the loop by posting light-touch project updates & submitting an impact survey once the project is complete.


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