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Funding required£3,000.00

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Problem statement

The 3 acre Barlow Woodland is part of the 11 acres Barlow Estate in Edgworth and is owned by the village, The woodland is currently being restored by a team of volunteers after years of neglect; Access to the wood is by 2 kissing gates on either side of a track. These gates are old, rusty and very hard to open. The size & construction of the gates prevent access to prams, wheelchairs. walking aid and machinery such as shredders. Edgworth,is part of Turton Parish, population 14,959 of which 262 are under 5 and 3,146 are over 65, Many of the older population have lived here since birth and are now being denied access to the woodland and this is causing resentment/sadness and is discriminatory.


We wish to enlarge the gateway by taking down part of the walls and installing self-closing gates wide enough for wheelchairs and prams to gain access to the woodland. This will also enable us to access the woodland with machinery as at present we have to remove the farmer's fence to go through. The 4 stone gateposts will be removed and new ones erected. Most of the work will be done by volunteers apart from the rebuilding of the dry stone wall where it is in danger of collapsing. The drain immediately behind the second gate will be diverted away from the gate. When this work is complete we propose to install some disabled picnic areas with seating just inside the wood when funding permits

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We currently have a grant from the Postcode Lottery Fund for £20,000 which is to pay for felling dead trees, materials for resurfacing the footpaths, repairing steps renovating a wooden bridge and installing new information boards.. All the work, apart from the tree felling,is being carried out by a team of volunteers who have varying skills and expertise. Covid impacted on our previous plans,but we are now back on track with our work and the visitors to the wood are all giving us excellent feedback and praise for what we have done and are still doing. Visitors to the woods are increasing week in and out and a good sign is that they are spending longer in the woods not just walking through

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