10 tips to write a funding worthy project pitch


Applying for funding on ActionFunder is as easy as 1,2,3! You create a project pitch that is then submitted to any relevant funds on the platform. This is based on the location, amount and focus area.

But to secure funding, you need to make sure that your pitch is funding worthy. Below you’ll find our top 10 tips to do just that! You can use this article as a checklist when creating a project.

Top tips to write your funding pitch

1/ Make sure your project pitch is clear.
After reading your application, a funder should be able to have a really good understanding of what you’re aiming to achieve and how.

2/ When creating a project always ask yourself “so what”?
You will be running workshops for elderly in the community.  So what? What benefit, changes, will it bring to your users and the community? This should help answer the Why and impact questions.

3/ Impact is key.
How will the grant impact the local people, environment and wider community? Check out this article for a short glossary, and best practices to talk about impact

4/ Make sure that you support your project with key facts and numbers if you have them.
This is particularly relevant to the “need question” of your pitch.

5/ Money talk:
If the money you are applying for is only covering a portion of your costs, make this clear. Give a brief overview of how you will cover the rest of your costs so funders know that you have the means to deliver your project.

6/ Check your budget.
Having a detailed budget is a sign of a well thought out project.

7/ Answer all the questions fully, making use of all the space provided.
We see a lot of projects with one sentence answers which never get funded

8/ Add an image! It will liven up your application

9/ Check your pitch for spelling mistakes.
Can you get another member of the organisation or a friend to take a read?

10/ Keep in mind the following scoring criteria: these are widely used by funders to judge projects.

  • Focus of the project: is the project well aligned with what the funders want to fund
  • Need
  • Level of community impact
  • Effective use of funding
  • Long term impact: how can the project be sustained after the funding ends (for running costs) → give indication that you have plans in place to continue running in the long term
  • Inclusivity – is it serving an underrepresented community that traditionally is not well supported
  • Attainability: is your budget realistic in order to achieve your impact, and is your solution appropriate to meet the need you’ve outlined?

Remember that behind the platform, a person is reading your pitch. You need to get them as excited as you are for the project!

Is your project ticking the boxes? You’re ready to hit the publish button then!

On ActionFunder you have the option to post a video pitch instead of a written one to bring your project to life. Video pitches are twice as likely to secure funding on the platform. If you want to give it go, read this article to understand how to create a good video pitch!

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