Building relationships with your funder through project updates


Creating fruitful relationships with funders is key to any good fundraising strategy. Posting updates on your funded projects and keeping in touch with your funder through the platform helps you do just that!

Why Project Updates?

Project updates are great ways to keep in touch with your funders and supporters.

  • They’re quick and easy to post on ActionFunder and share to social media
  • Funders are notified when you post so they’ll definitely see your updates
  • Funders are more likely to work with you again if you keep them in the loop
  • Updates are a great way to build a track record which is key to attracting future funding

When to post and what to include

  • You’ll need to post a quick update when you receive your funding – use this first update to say a big thanks to your funder for backing your work! Also keep them updated on when you’ll get started with your project and what your plan of action will be. 
  • Before completion of your project, you’ll need to post at least 1 more update – letting your funder know how the project is progressing, and, if it’s up and running already, the impacts you’re seeing so far. 
  • It’s great to include images and/or videos of the project in action – this really helps bring it to life! 
  • Use quotes from and, if possible, images of the project’s beneficiaries to show the positive impact the project is having
  • You can also share how you feel about getting funded, impact updates, and photos of your team

If you’re after some inspiration, here are some brilliant examples from Bridgend Eco-Bothy Build and Alive Dementia-Friendly Allotment.

How to post an update

  1.  Go to your Group Dashboard and click ‘Post an update’ (see red box below).
    screenshot of the non-profit dashboard
  2.  You can then post a short update (up to 1,200 characters, including spaces) and attach an image or upload a video (using a YouTube link)a screenshot of the update function in ActionFunder
  3. Once you’ve posted an update, it’s easy to share on social media. Click the ‘share’ icon (see red box below). Remember to tag @ActionFunder!
screenshot of the share function update
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