Video pitching – why, what and how

When applying for funding on ActionFunder, you are given the option to create a video application instead of a written pitch.

Video pitches are great! On ActionFunder video pitches are twice as likely to win funding then written applications. Funders across the board all report that videos:

  • are more engaging and memorable
  • stand out from the crowd! With a majority of written applications for each fund, videos are much more noticeable.
  • create a feeling of connection between funders and community leaders
  • feel more authentic

Video applications are a great way to express your passion and allow for creativity in your application.

What does it involve?

Creating a video application is easy: you have to answer the same 3 questions as the written applications, in 90 seconds.

  • Film yourself with a good quality phone or camera
  • Upload your video on youtube
  • Paste the link in your ActionFunder project.

You can find all the instructions detailed step-by-step in this guide.

Funders do not expect Hollywood style films. They want to hear about your project in a clear and concise way. So you want to make sure that:

  • You answer the three questions clearly: anyone not familiar with your project should get a good understanding of what your project is aiming to accomplish.
  • The quality of the video is good and you have enough lighting.
  • Get creative and have some fun with it! The video could be a static shot of you talking to the camera or you could try involving your team or beneficiaries.
  • Enjoy yourself. Your video pitch is an important thing to get right but it’s also a fun way to share your passion and excitement for the project you want to get funded.

Funding project “Spread The Love – Care Packages for Adult Cancer Patients in Hospital” from the Lewis Foundation

Ready to pitch? Sign up to ActionFunder, and use the guide to create your video application!