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Creating a measurable impact in local communities has never been easier with ActionFunder, the trusted social impact platform.

Inspire stakeholders through gritty social impact


Customer engagement

Increase brand trust by taking action with purpose-driven campaigns. This is all about engaging your customers on issues that matter to them. Use customer nomination forms and updates from projects to give consumers more reasons to choose your business.


Employee engagement

Boost employee engagement using our social impact platform. Quickly match with local projects, view local volunteering opportunities and let your team see first-hand the impact your funding has made.


Community investment

Maximise social value by running your own direct community funds with greater speed and visibility. Get real-time fund impact reporting to benchmark your social impact efforts and enrich your ESG reports.


Start exploring projects by location or interest to find social impact opportunities that match your criteria.

Tackling homelessness in London
Going green in Cambridgeshire
Getting active in Devon

Unlock the power of good with ActionFunder

We’re unlocking the power for businesses to be a force for good in local communities. Over 15 years of hands-on experience has led us to build a social impact platform that truly drives measurable action in businesses and their local communities.

Unlock the power of good with ActionFunder
  • Share your social impact far and wide Thousands of beneficiaries can see when you fund projects and hundreds of non-profits see when you launch a fund.
  • Aim big and achieve specific goals Solve local challenges that fit your social impact criteria with targeted match-making by project location or interest.
  • Get the whole team involved Employees can nominate local non-profits close to their hearts and find volunteering opportunities across the community.
Unlock the power of good with ActionFunder
  • Really connect with your consumers Receive rich, raw content directly from the non-profits you support, including video pitches, real-time updates and impact numbers.
  • Receive rich impact reports Prove your social value with detailed reports that show outcomes and outputs aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Be confident in due diligence Due diligence is baked into the ActionFunder process, using tech-based checks and crowd insights to maximise transparency.




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The 4 steps to impact

We’ve made the entire funding process as seamless as possible. There are just 4 simple steps.


Sign up

Join hundreds of organisations already investing in local communities.


Create a fund

Tell us your location and impact aims to help us find you the perfect match.


Fund projects

Safely and securely select the relevant non-profit projects you’d like to fund.


Celebrate your impact

Receive real-time updates & comprehensive impact measurement reports.

How can your organisation make an impact?

“Now we can connect to more people, do good and get commercially usable impact reports. I’ve never seen anything instil more pride and connect more of our people to who we are as a business than our work with ActionFunder”

  • Lynda Thwaite, Director of Brand, Marketing & Impact, Sir Robert McAlpine

“ActionFunder has enabled us to discover really diverse projects which will develop social capital in the Brent Cross Town area. The shortlisting process provided an opportunity for Argent Related to engage with local councillors and community activists in a transparent and fair judging process.”

  • Nick Searl, Partner of Argent Related, Argent Related and Barnet Council

“Purpose campaigns are good for brands and good for business. They’re not just nice things to do… We had a test group of pubs, the pubs that were activating proud to pitching saw a 7% increase in sales of GK IPA.”

  • Emma Hibbert, Marketing Controller, Greene King

“South West Water is always looking for new ways to engage with customers. ActionFunder makes it easy to support the communities we serve by funding local projects that meet local challenges.”

  • Liv Crisp, Community Outreach Officer, South West Water

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