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Non-Profit FAQs

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  2. Signing Up
  3. Creating Projects
  4. Award Process
  5. Project Updates & Impact Survey

Business FAQs

  1. Help Centre
  2. Signing Up
  3. Launching A Fund
  4. Shortlisting & Selecting Projects
  5. Monitor & Report On Your Impact
      • ActionFunder’s help centre is coming soon! The help centre will be your go to place for guides, best practice examples, and tips to support you on your ActionFunder journey.

        While we build it, please take a look at the FAQs on this page for any questions. If you can’t find your answer, email the team at or use the live chat function.

      • To apply to a fund, first you need to sign up to ActionFunder and set up your organisation’s profile. Next, you’ll be informed (by email and on your dashboard) of any funds your organisation has matched with. To apply, simply create a project. If your project matches the fund’s criteria (Correct: organisation type, location, focus area and the funding required is within the maximum grant amount) it will automatically be submitted to the fund and be considered for funding.

        You can submit as many projects as you’d like. You can break larger objectives or needs down into smaller projects. But each project needs to be distinct, with defined timelines and costs, to avoid duplicate projects receiving funding for work that’s already been funded.

      • A project is an action with a defined objective that has a positive impact, with time and cost constraints – very similar to a traditional funding application. You can have several projects, for your various objectives and needs, “live” at once. If you are a community centre for example, projects could be “purchasing benches for the garden” or “purchasing toys for our parents – toddlers sessions”.

        Note that projects that have already been delivered cannot be funded on ActionFunder.

      • There are 3 steps to creating a project:

        1. Key information: the first step is filling in the basic information regarding your project: location, funding required, focus area.
        2. The Pitch: the pitch is your description of the project. Answer three questions: What is the problem? What is the solution? Why are you best placed to deliver? You have the option to do a written pitch or a video pitch. Find out more about video pitches this way
        3. Delivery plan: where you fill in your budget breakdown, add information about the expected impact of the project and the beneficiaries.
      • Every time a fund launches that matches your organisation’s location and at least one focus area, you will be notified by email. The match will also appear in the “Your matches” section of your ActionFunder dashboard.

      • You can create as many projects as you like. Each project needs to be for a separate piece of work.

        If your ActionFunder project is only covering a portion of a bigger project, you can apply for the rest of the costs in a different project.

      • Projects have to be based in the UK to secure funding on ActionFunder. ActionFunder covers the whole of the UK but each funder will target specific locations.

      • Funders will fund 100% of your project’s total budget.

      • You can apply for up to £10,000. However, most of our funders are looking to support projects of between £3,000 and £5,000.

      • Once your project has been funded, you can post updates from your dashboard to thank your funder! Funders are notified as soon as a non-profit posts an update.

      • If your project doesn’t secure funding the first time around, it remains live on the platform, ready to be automatically submitted to other relevant funds. Once you’ve been informed you are also able to edit the project to refine your pitch and improve your chances for future funds.

      • Once you accept your funding invitation, and provide your organisation’s payment details, we will send the grant to you. We make grant payments on a weekly basis, so the time frame depends on how quickly you can provide us with the information we need. On rare occasions where payments might be delayed, we’ll be in touch to let you know.

      • You will be notified whether or not your project is offered funding. We encourage Funders to make their selections within 2 weeks of the fund closing date. However, for some Funders this isn’t possible, so this can take up to 2 months. Rest assured we will contact you as soon as the decision has been made, and your project stays live on the platform so this won’t stop it matching with other funds.

      • You will be notified by email as soon as your project is submitted to a fund as well as when it is offered funding. You can see both notifications from your dashboard too.

        All projects submitted for funding will be labelled on your dashboard, in the ‘Your Projects’ section

        On each project you can click on the settings wheel then click “manage my project”.

      • If your project is delayed, the best thing to do is let the funder know by posting an update from your dashboard explaining what’s happening. To ask for an extension, contact your funder by using the email address on their ActionFunder’s profile page and CC “” to keep us in the loop!

      • The impact survey will be sent to you via email as soon as your project is marked “complete” on ActionFunder. The form includes questions on your beneficiaries, overall impact, etc.

      • Updates are public and can be seen by everyone visiting your project page.

      • Once your project has been funded, you are required to post a minimum of 2 Project updates showcasing the progress of your project through text, pictures, and/or videos. Updates can be posted from your dashboard. They’re the best way to keep in touch with your funder and build a track record.

      • ActionFunder’s help centre is coming soon! The help centre will be your go to place for guides, best practice examples, and tips to support you on your ActionFunder journey.

        While we build it, please take a look at the FAQs on this page for any questions. If you can’t find your answer, email the team at or use the live chat function.

      • You can start funding projects as the applications come in. We recommend leaving your fund open until the deadline because we typically see a spike increase just before the deadline.

      • This will depend on your fund requirements e.g when you would like to select who to fund and when you want to be able to celebrate the impact results. We recommend 2-3 weeks is sufficient to find you the most relevant projects.

      • There are currently over 7,000 non-profits looking for funding on ActionFunder. Each non-profit can have multiple projects running at once – so there is plenty of choice! Plus, creating your own fund will attract new non-profits to join and attract new projects – so what you match with at the start is not what you’ll finish with.

      • We always encourage funders to try to maximise the impact of their fund by allocating it all. However if that’s not possible, there are a few options available to you:

        • Top up the fund – to enable you to fund one more project in full
        • Offer projects more funding and increase the scope of the project
        • Retain any residual budget as a ‘reward’ pot – to offer to your grantees as a reward for the best progress ‘update’ post or impact survey.
      • Once the fund has reached our account, ActionFunder handles the payment to the non-profits.

      • No, 100% funding is key to our value exchange for Non-profits. We recommend that you donate the amount requested by the project.

      • We recommend that you select the projects you’d like to fund within 2 weeks of your fund closing. This is to ensure projects you have matched with don’t get funded by other funders.

      • Yes! We highly recommend selecting your grantees during a judging panel with team members or relevant stakeholders – this is something our ActionFunder Service team can facilitate for you if needed. It’s a fun and engaging way to discuss your shortlist and debate who should receive funding.

      • All non-profits registering on ActionFunder are required to provide information and data about their organisation, including charity number (where applicable) and contact details for three members of staff / representatives.

        Once the Funder has selected a project for funding, and prior to funds being sent, the ActionFunder team carries out a Non-profit authenticity check. This includes researching and contacting the group to confirm key aspects of the Non-profit’s profile including legal set up, project background, previous funding received and social media presence. On receipt of their bank details we also carry out thorough verification checks before approving any grant payments.

        Any Non-profit that fails to pass our checks will be deemed ineligible to receive funding. The Non-profit’s account will be suspended until such time as they are able to satisfy our due diligence requirements. You, as the Funder, will be able to select another project from your shortlist.

      • Yes, this is something we encourage! You can contact your grantees by using the contact details provided on their ActionFunder profile.

      • On your fund’s page, click on the “manage fund” button or from your dashboard, click on the settings wheel on your fund and “managed fund”. From here you can see your portfolio of projects, monitor updates and review the results in real time.

      • Funders can contact funded projects to schedule a visit with them. Non-profits are not required by ActionFunder to meet with the funders so the possibility to visit projects will solely depend on them.

      • All funded projects are required to post light touch updates to keep you posted on their progress – and give you positive news stories to share. Once a project completes, they submit an in-depth impact survey which is used to fill your impact report. This provides an overview of the impact of your fund and also your organisation’s total impact.


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