About ActionFunder

We believe in business as a force for good. So we created ActionFunder to make it easy for businesses and community groups to work together to make change happen faster.

Our Story

The team behind ActionFunder has a hugely successful track record of connecting businesses and foundations with community groups and charities. Our decade of experience revealed a gap between businesses that wanted to fund community action but didn’t know how to find the right project, and groups that urgently needed swifter and simpler access to funding.

ActionFunder – the automated matchmaking service

We've helped provide

over £300,000

in funding, and we’re just getting started…

Meet our team


Amanda Horton-Mastin


Mark Shearer

Head of Campaigns

Dominika Jarosz

Head of Product

James Dowdell


Andrew Walker

Marketing Manager

Lorna Cumming-Bruce

Campaign Manager

Ségolène Méheust