Our History

From our first CSR initiatives back in 2008 to being named the ‘Breakthrough Idea for the 21st Century’, ActionFunder has come a long way.

Connecting companies and communities since 2008
Uncover our history to find out more about how we came to be the multi-award winning B-Corp we’re so proud to be today.

Project Dirt ‘the green social network’ is born

Project Dirt the green social network is born

Timberland launches the first community fund, followed by Neal’s Yard, Skipton Building Society, the Mayor of London


Named “Breakthrough idea for the 21st Century”

Named Breakthrough idea for the 21st Century

Project Dirt is named a “Breakthrough idea for the 21st Century” by the Sustainable Development Commission


First global movement campaign: Outdoor Classroom Day

First global movement campaign Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day kicks off in partnership with Persil – within 5 years the CSR initiative reaches 10m kids in 120,000 schools across 36 countries, winning the Global Good Award for Education


Getting an online community together for ‘Offline Festival’

Getting an online community together for Offline Festival

Over 2,500 community leaders on the Project Dirt Network are invited to celebrate community action at Project Dirt’s Offline Festival


Rebrand as Semble – come together, make a change

Rebrand as Semble come together make a change

Project Dirt rebrands as Semble and kicks off business to community campaigns and CSR initiatives with the likes of Carling, Greggs, GB Snowsports …


Royal support for our homegrown campaign: Backyard Nature

Royal support for our homegrown campaign Backyard Nature

Backyard Nature launches with Iceland Foods Foundation to empower ALL kids to protect the planet on their doorstep, supported by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and celebrated on ITV and Discovery with HRH Prince William


ActionFunder launches!

ActionFunder launches

Our grant-giving CSR platform attracts £400,000+ in the first 6 months alone. ActionFunder makes it quicker and easier for businesses to find and fund local non-profits.


ActionFunder reaches £2 million in funds


The ActionFunder platform hits a huge milestone just two years in. That’s £2 million going straight to local community projects and solving real, local challenges.

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