Tortoise Media – Get your free membership

Tortoise media is a membership based media of 80,000 people (and growing!) specialising in “slow news”. They do not chase the breaking news but what’s driving the news, aiming to create a space for news that is more transparent, less overwhelming in its sheer quantity, and more inclusive of different voices.

ActionFunder has free memberships to Tortoise for charities and community groups to access their journalism. The membership also gives you  free access to Tortoise’s ‘ThinkIn” events: live, interactive discussions with experts and members.

How to get your membership:
  1. Contact us at to get your activation code
  2. Visit
  3. Enter your details and activate your Tortoise membership. Please feel free to share this widely with all the community leaders you know!
  4. Once you’re signed up, you can access their journalism, podcasts and complimentary tickets to ThinkIns.

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