Nespresso: Boosting B Corp & engaging employees

So far, Nespresso has funded 22 projects in the vicinity of selected UK shop fronts. The team has engaged with those projects through volunteering and the business has seen a boost to their B Corp scoring.

Business benefits

  • Evidence of community action gathered for B Corp evaluation
  • Employees feel proud to work for a business doing good
  • Significant increase in uptake of staff volunteering days
  • Leadership in community engagement shared with other Nestlé brands
  • Opportunity to engage more stakeholders including customers, partners, landlords

Community Impact


total funds invested


projects funded


beneficiaries impacted

The challenge

Nespresso’s serious about sustainability. So serious that the global coffee giant achieved B Corp status in 2022. B Corp flagged engaging local communities as an area for Nespresso to improve. The company supports communities at the production end of their supply chain but not at the consumer end where they serve and employ thousands of people. So, Nespresso came to ActionFunder to create a UK based community campaign. On top of boosting their B Corp score, they wanted to celebrate their B Corp status and engage employees in the brand’s sustainability agenda.

The solution: Location based Nespresso Community Funds

Nespresso launched their first community fund in 2022 as a pilot. They targeted communities around 3 key Nespresso shops, funding 5 community projects in total. During this pilot phase the company tested different employee engagement tactics, including project voting, project judging panels, and volunteering days. The pilot led to a national roll out with 400% increase in funding for communities around major Nespresso boutiques across the UK.

“ActionFunder supported us to pilot and build a community programme that’s got employees really engaged in the business as a force for good. The impact of the programme is truly tangible. We’re sharing the results with other Nestlé brands and B2B partners and seeing a great response. We’re excited to explore engaging customers in future too!”

  • Mary Child, Sustainability Manager, Nespresso UK

Funded Projects


Mini food growers & nature detectives

  • £2,000
  • 40
  • London

Helping women back into employment

  • £2,500
  • 150
  • Glasgow

Kindness Homeless Street Team

  • £2,000
  • 300
  • Glasgow

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