March is B Corp month; the annual celebration of the B Corp movement.

In case you don’t already know, ActionFunder is a proud B Corp. We believe in business as a force for good. That’s why we support other businesses to do good in their communities. And while we’re doing that important work, B Corp reminds us to get our paperwork and ways of working in order so that everything that we do does right by people and planet.

We love to connect with fellow B Corps, learn from them, buy from them, and support them too. To that end we decided to celebrate this B Corp month with a freebie gift for all fellow Bs!

A consultancy session to boost your community engagement and/or recharge your charity giving.

What you’ll discover:

➡️  How to engage with the community in a way that drives value for your brand and your locals too

➡️  The outputs and outcomes you can and should aim for in your charity giving

➡️  Why community engagement makes you a better BCorp and how to boost your BIA through charity giving aligned to your business

To find out more & book a session get in touch at 

We can’t wait to welcome you in #BehindtheB!

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