S1, E8: Democratising sustainability with Richard Walker from Iceland Foods


‘There’s no business in existence that puts more back into the natural world than it takes from it’

But there are business leaders out there, doing their best to mitigate their business’s impact and create good.

Richard Walker, Executive Chairman of Iceland Foods is one of them.

In addition to his work at Iceland, Richard is wearing many hats: he’s an advocate and leading figure for sustainable businesses, a published author and former chair of Surfers Against Sewage to quote a few.

In this episode, we talk about his mission to democratise sustainability. We touch on:

  • The trailblazing policies Iceland has put in place to remove palm oils and plastic from their products
  • The role of businesses in raising awareness about key global issues
  • How businesses can use their influence to advocate for nation-wide policy changes that benefit their communities. Even if that means breaking the rules a little bit sometimes
  • Why transparency is key on your sustainable journey

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