S2, E1 – From Data to Impact: Tech & Storytelling for good with Léyoh Goodall from Social Value Portal


If you often find yourself wondering what social value means, how your business can create positive change and how to best report on that change, you’re not alone. And most importantly you’re at the right place.

Today we meet with Léyoh Goodall, VP of sales at Social Value Portal. Social Value Portal is channelling the power of tech to help businesses create, measure and report social value.

Listen to the full conversation on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast.

Léyoh shares with us insights from her experience of working with businesses dedicated to creating positive change for the wider society.

We talk about:

  • What is social value, why adding a monetary value to social impact and how is it different from ESG. A bit of jargon busting!
  • The best ways for businesses to deliver tangible, data-based social value
  • How tech is key to SVP and its mission to deliver £100 billion of social value by 2025
  • How to report on your impact!

For more on impact reporting, head over to our 101 guide right here.

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