S2, E2 – Housing Associations empower communities: innovation in the funding space with Andrew Cooper from SNG


“The year before, we had a 240% increase in terms of people turning to us as a landlord for financial support”. How can housing associations best support the people that live within their walls? Creating an environment for communities to thrive is essential to Housing Association, Sovereign Network Group.

Andrew Cooper, Head of Partnerships and Funding at Sovereign Network Group, tells us all about how the Housing Association is planning to invest 100 million into communities over the next 10 years through their community foundation, the brilliant partnerships they form along the way, and the opportunities and challenges too.

Listen to the full conversation on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcast 

Tune in for:

  • Insights on why housing associations fund community projects
  • The mechanics of funding programmes
  • How to involve employees, residents and local services providers in your Social Value efforts
  • How housing associations work to build communities, answering and predicting the needs of their residents
  • What innovation and participation in funding looks like
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