Meet 7 women leading groundbreaking community projects


Throughout history, women have been at the forefront of grassroots movements, driving change and making a difference in leading community projects.

From environmental activism to social justice initiatives, women-led organisations have paved the way for progress and equality.

And the same is still true today!

Celebrate with us some of the pioneering women who are leading groundbreaking social, environmental and community projects, and inspiring others to make a positive impact in the world!

Caragh McMurtry, Neurodiverse Sport

In 2014, Olympic rower Caragh was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and underwent a medication treatment that impacted her performances. When diagnosed with High Functioning Autism in 2019, Caragh was able to put tools in place to accompany her on her journey and thrive again in her passion.

Grown from Caragh’s own experience as a neurodiverse olympic athlete, Neurodiverse Sport raises awareness of neurodivergence in sport.
The non-profit is a safe space for neurodiverse athletes to tell their stories and help educate teams and organisations with real life knowledge.

Rachael & Aurore, Keep Rolling Project

Rachael and Aurore are leading the Keep Rolling Project, an inclusive skateboarding and media company. By running female-only sessions as well as free ones, they aim to get more girls on board(s) and open up skateboarding to people from marginalised communities.

Aurore and Rachael shoot their own content to ensure a fairer representation of women in the sport!

Soraya Abdel-Hadi, All the Elements Outdoors CIC

Soraya Abdel-Hadi quit her job in 2014 to study sustainability for businesses and make a difference in the world.

She launched All the Elements to target the lack of diversity in outdoor spaces and related careers. All the Elements is a network of organisations on a mission to reverse this through community projects, harnessing the power of community to create change in the UK outdoors scene.

Through this work, Soraya combines her passions – “nature, sustainability, adventure travel and diversity in the outdoors”

Vickie Wambura, Migrateful

Vickie leads the award-winning charity, Migrateful as interim CEO, bringing together her passion for inclusion and food.

Migrateful provides training to refugees and migrants and the tools they need to find a secure job and kick start their life in the UK. Gathering around food, trainee chefs and volunteers share and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Outside of this charity, Vickie is the founder of two organisations, Nafisika Trust, Kenya that works to integrate prison inmates into society and Spaces International, UK that promotes awareness of social barriers and empowers individuals to engage with social inclusion in a meaningful way.

Eloise Morton, Square Food Foundation

Eloise joined Square Food Foundation, a Bristol-based charity, as a volunteer in November 2013. 8 years after securing a position as operations coordinator, she’s now the Managing Director of the charity!

Square Food Foundation provides hands-on cooking classes, food education programs, and runs community outreach initiatives.

The charity aims to inspire people to cook from scratch, reduce food waste, and promote sustainable food practices. Their work is transforming people’s relationship with food, one delicious meal at a time.

Carol Akiwumi, Money4You

Carol Akiwumi started her career as an investment banker before creating the UK-based charity, Money4YOU in 2014.

Money4YOU supports underrepresented youth and organisations led by those from Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) communities. The charity is on a mission to tackle inequality through financial education, entrepreneurial interventions, capacity building and tools for funding sustainability.

Carol was recently awarded an MBE for services to Financial Education during Covid-19!

The world needs more female leaders like this. Let’s empower even more women and girls to create change from the grassroots up.

If you’re a business, consider funding women-led grassroots organisations to amplify their reach and impact. Together, we can create change.

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