We’re ActionFunder, the BCorp with 15+ years of experience driving grassroots action by connecting businesses with local communities. We started out as Project Dirt way back in 2005. Then we became Semble. And now we’re ActionFunder.

Why all the new names?

When we started as Project Dirt, we focused on grassroots, environmental action. When we expanded into social impact too we needed a name that was less focused on, well, mud. So, Semble was born! As Semble we continued to do what we’ve always done: distribute community grant funding, organise corporate volunteering, and design campaigns that drive positive change by connecting brands with local people.

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, we were overwhelmed by the number of organisations that were doing fantastic and critical work in their communities. We were also struck by the number of businesses that wanted to support that work. In response, we set up a giving platform for businesses to donate directly to community projects. We called it ActionFunder.

We all fell for ActionFunder’s eye-catching colours and no-nonsense name (who wouldn’t?) But juggling two brands that offered very similar things to very similar people was a circus. Everyone (our team included) got Semble and ActionFunder confused.

So, we decided to wave goodbye to the name Semble and embrace life as ActionFunder. Less confusion, less paperwork, less fighting with ourselves to be heard. We’re saving time on all that and using it to do what we’ve always been here to do: help businesses do good and local communities to thrive.

We’re the same team offering the same products and services to the same community groups, charities, businesses and foundations. We have the same mission: to connect organisations and people with local communities to drive positive change. And we’ll be doing that loudly and proudly under one no-nonsense name, ActionFunder.

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  • Does this change in name affect the services offered?
    There’s no change to the services that we offer. You can continue to use our online giving tool, employ our expert team to amplify the impact of your community giving, or work with us to research, pilot, and run campaigns that support grassroots action.
  • Does this change in name affect existing contracts or how we send or receive payments?
    There will be no change to our legal name and address, as registered with Companies House (Semble Network Ltd, 22 Wycombe End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, HP9 1NB). So there is no need to change contracts. And there will be no change to how we send or receive payments.
  • Does this change in name affect how you contact us?
    We are working out of the same offices and using the same contact numbers as before. We will continue to receive emails sent to our old email addresses (). We will begin phasing these out in favour of our new email addresses () over the coming months. You can find all of our up to date contact details here.
  • If you were signed up to the Semble network then what’s going to happen to your account with us?
    After long, hard consideration we decided to close the Semble network from public view in 2021. And the network will be fully closed in February 2022. We heartily invite all the old Semble members to sign up to ActionFunder. The new platform is 100% free for charities and community groups and offers a quick and easy route to find funding for community action!
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