Businesses are increasingly becoming a sought-after source of funding for grassroots non-profits in the UK. A report we published earlier this year highlighted that 82% of non-profits say ‘financial support’ is what they currently need most. Yet, small grassroots non-profits are often excluded by traditional funding channels. We surveyed our network of 6,500+ non-profits to find out which businesses and industries they wanted to partner with, and why. Did you make the list?



There are many business benefits to supporting non-profits beyond ‘Doing Good’. In an era when customers and employees pay increasing attention to a company’s social and environmental commitments you have to walk the talk.
Show your stakeholders that you’re a socially-conscious business by investing in your community. ActionFunder helps you find and fund the non-profits in your area looking for support. Book a no-obligation demo of the ActionFunder platform to find out more about funding community action.

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