Applying for funding on ActionFunder: creating a project


To apply to a fund on ActionFunder, you’ll have to create a project from your dashboard. If your project matches the fund’s criteria (Correct: organisation type, location, focus area, application type and the funding required is within the maximum grant amount) it will be automatically be submitted to the fund and be considered for funding. Note that your project will also automatically be submitted to any other funds that it meets the criteria for – saving you the bother of reapplying.

There are three steps to creating a project.

Step 1: Key Details

Step 2: The Pitch

Describing what the project is and why it’s important. You have the option to create a written or a video pitch. Video pitches are twice as likely to secure funding on ActionFunder. Find out more here.

Both pitches answer the same questions

  1. What’s the problem or need? The motivation behind your project
  2. What’s the solution? The goal of the project
  3. Why is your organisation best placed to deliver this project? Relevant skills and experience within the organisation

There is a 700 Characters limit per question

Step 3: The delivery plan

  • Budget breakdown.
  • Delivery timeframe estimate (in weeks or months)
  • Estimated number of beneficiaries
  • Expected impact (max 1000 Characters)
  • Track record (optional, max 1000 Characters)

As you fill in your application, you will have the possibility to save your project as draft but we do recommend to save a copy on a separate document just in case.

We also recommend adding a picture to your pitch to make it more attractive to funder.

If you have more questions on ActionFunder and funding applications, head over to our FAQs

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